Jun 012008


This weekend The Explorer’s Blog was in downtown Asheville, NC, interviewing tourists and townies about pleasure. Pritchard Park, home to the best weekly drum circle in the whole darned country (every Friday from 6-10p, bring a drum, dance, or just watch), was Saturday’s interview site. Special thanks to Cassafrass, Bobby, Cassie, Apollo and Johnny for stopping by to answer our 3 pleasure questions! Their interviews will become part of our first podcast, and will also be among the many voices included in our first PleasureCast. Our goal is to build this audio public art project in order to encourage dialogue and discourse on pleasure, what we think about it, and how we experience it.

Interested in being interviewed? Click the 3 Questions link above, or go here.

Learn more about pleasure at one of Exploring Intimacy’s workshops in Atlanta this summer!

Or, drop us a question and we might answer it on our blog and include it in a podcast.

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