Jun 062008

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Thumbs up to Leslie Pepper of Parenting.com (via CNN.com), who has the right idea: promoting healthy, happy sex as way to reduce stress. The section is short, but is still #10 of 12 suggested approaches for busy moms (parents? anyone?) who need to unwind. Pepper says “Get busy in bed: Having sex releases endorphins that improve your mood and decrease symptoms of stress. (No instructions needed.)” She also suggests laughter, connecting with an adult, relaxing scented oils, breathing deeply and music that triggers positive memories. Sounds to us like the perfect combination for a great #10.

original article here,


Even though Pepper says that no instructions are needed, we can still help you find the time and techniques to add a little more #10 to your life. Yes, even you parents.

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Or, drop us a question and we might answer it on our blog and include it in a podcast.


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