Jun 092008

Castro - Wikipedia photo

photo: Wikipedia

I’m working on how to post this cnn.com video. Please let me know if you have any tips.  Until I can get the embedding to work, check out this link:

Cuba offers free sex changes

Mariela Castro has helped Cuba to institute a new policy change that includes SRS, or sexual reassignment surgeries (transsexual surgeries), in their national health plan, making them free for qualifying residents.  See the post below on Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man, for more information on gender, sex and sex changes.  I wonder if Cubans will now fuss about Americans coming over to take advantage of their resources…

Talk amongst yourselves!


Associated Press Article through Google News

Blog write up at Stuff-Em-Up the hill backwards


–Update 9/21—

Thanks to K.B. for some clarifications!  In spite of what the link (above) says, Raul is Fidel Castro’s brother (not his son).   Also, he suggested this Reuters article.  Thanks!

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