Jun 112008

www.floridahomeloan.com - I have no idea if they're any good

image from FloridaHomeLoan.com – I have no idea if they’re any good. I just liked the image.

According to a Rueters report on a survey by LavaLife, an online dating site (so, we might have a little bit of a skewed sample here, but still…), those in the newly grandparenting generation are enjoying their sexual pleasure, with an eye for keeping their sex spicy! Baby boomers are those born roughly between the mid-1940s and mid-1960s, and comprise the biggest leap in population that North America has ever documented. Now, as they move into retirement and grandparenting (assuming they have the resources for both), those that are single are NOT settling down. Lavalife surveyed 1000 single baby boomers and found that over 1/3 would have sex on the first date, about double that of the generation younger than them. 1/4 are cool with threesomes, and about 1/3 are looking for casual dating while about the same number are interested in a more committed situation. Only 10% wanted to get married while over half of their kids (aged 30-39) wanted a spouse. Say what you will about hippies turned yuppies, but this generation has clearly not forgotten their sexual revolution and is ready to keep swinging!

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