Jun 112008

Lawd In Heaven! WordPress.com is might picky about what videos I can and can’t embed on my blog. Go watch this video – it’s entertaining and will give you something to talk about on your non-smoking break.

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most real people on TV, in my humble opinion.  She reminds me of Emeritus Professors, those semi-retired profs who no longer censor themselves for fear of keeping their jobs.  Heck, they’re hardly paid anymore as it is so why not live the dream (aka academic freedom)?  They just open the door and loudly say whatever they like to everyone in their office and in the hallway. Hands down, I have learned the most from them, whether I agreed with everything or not.  Just like my life goal of skipping right over parenthood to become a gramma, I would love to skip right over the job years and just become emeritus.  Whoopi combines the best parts of grammas with the best parts of emeritus professors, and makes sure The View stays lively.  Keep scratching the itch, Whoopi.  

  One Response to “Whoopi Goldberg Is Real.”

  1. She used to be the best tv and film woman what happend to her?

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