Jun 172008

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon get married (again) in Cali under Mayor Newsom! So darling! Photo – CNN.com

Congrats to California and all the happy newlyweds on the west coast! At 5:01 pm Monday, the state of California began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, due to the recent State Supreme Court ruling. Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 84 were the first to be married in a ceremony by Mayor Newsom himself – which is both fitting and beautiful. Their photo, from CNN.com, is above. They were also the same couple to be the first to marry last time around in Cali, but their marriage was struck down when courts ruled the licenses void. The Mayor announced that the move to license same-sex marriages was a shift to strengthen the institution of marriage. Newsom also responded to a limited amount of religious outcry (especially by Catholic Bishops, who issued a statement opposing the ruling) by noting that churches and other religious institutions may continue as they always have, since this is only a change in secular marriage rules. Yay for separation of church and state, which benefits both sides in this instance (and in general)! This makes for state #2 right now, with NY preparing to honor marriages from any state.

There are a million articles around the web on this, one by CNN.com can be found – here

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