Jun 242008

Consumer Reports

photo – Cory Silverberg at About.com, click on it and you’ll go to the video.

Way to go, Consumer Reports! Their Health Watch section takes on sexual performance prescriptions by showing us exactly how much power they have over the health industry in the form of advertising dollars. Furthermore, their video does a great job of pulling apart and questioning an ad for the very popular Cialis and offering accurate and direct info on the medication as well alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction. Be sure to go and get all the information, and watch the video – here

By the way, a friend of mine who studies pharmacology, told me that Cialis is intended to sound like “See Alice”… a reference to both masturbation and visiting a prostitute (depending on how you ask), as in “I’m gonna go see Alice.” Now, said friend was in intoxicated at the time that he shared this (those crazy pharmacology people) but it does give me a new game to play whenever I hear of a new prescription with a funny name.

Cory Silverberg’s blog provided the tip-off for this post – here

Consumer Reports blog/video (same link as above) – here

  One Response to “Consumer Reports Takes On Erectile Dysfunction Prescriptions”

  1. Finally, we get to see some official reports on something that has been so elusive for so long. It has been quite frustrating in that way, because there is so much advertising fluff out there. But now that there are actual trustworthy reviews, I think this can help me come to a conclusion as to which product to choose…

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