Jul 092008

HPV on the attack. It’s not so pretty in real life.

Image – straightfromthedoc.com

Ladies, did you know that your regular pap exam probably doesn’t include an available test for HPV? HPV is the nasty stuff responsible for genital warts and has been linked to cervical cancer. Finding it early can go a long way toward preventing the associated risks. Women over 30 can get this test, and are encouraged to discuss it with their doctors. HPV, by the way, is a sexually transmitted disease that affects many men and women, a good number of whom don’t get diagnosed or treated. Take good care of yourself by talking your doctor or clinician about HPV tests and other good ways to take care of your reproductive health!

Digene’s HPV Test site, with HPV, cervical cancer, and pap smear exam info. Support for HPV+ women is also on this site – here

Digene’s HPV Test site’s info on HPV for men – here

Planned Parenthood’s info on HPV – here

Planned Parenthood’s info on HPV Vaccine – here

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