Jul 142008

We’re looking for suggestions on publicizing the blog. So, where do you search for your sex blogs? Not the porn blogs, mind you, but the sexuality blogs. So far we’ve tried a few, including a Technorati Profile, but it’s not so easing finding the sex without the porn out there. Your comments are welcome; thanks!

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  2 Responses to “Where do you search?”

  1. I don’t search for sexuality blogs myself. Typically I will find them by being referred to them by other blogs/podcasts that I already read/listen to. Most often it will be from a reference on the Sex is Fun podcast, though I found yours through your myspace.

  2. I watch sugasm a lot and usually find new blogs I like on there. Another site is http://www.sexblogs.org/. But, usually it is through word-of-blog from other bloggers links and from people who comment on my blogs. I always go and check them out. Check out my other blog CherryBoxxx http://cherryboxxx.wordpress.com/. I have some great sex blogs and resources listed in my sidebar. Cheers!

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