Jul 172008
The Big Talk Can Be Scary for Some LolCats

The Big Talk can be scary for some LolCats

I’m seriously impressed! KVIA.com recently reported on a research project in which parents were offered weekly lunch-hour workshops during which they learned how to talk to their youth about sexuality. Adults received information and utilized role playing in order to increase their awareness, skills, and comfort in this area. Both comprehensive and abstinence-based approaches were included, allowing parents the opportunity to handle the topic as they see fit. What a fantastic idea! While I certainly use a comprehensive approach in this blog, I recognize the supreme importance of meeting folks where they are and offering them diverse resources to fit their own needs and ethics. Anywho, parents loved it and reported using the content with success. Yes, they even smiled about it. Companies found the idea peachy, as it helped promote a family-friendly work environment and offered the opportunity to increase productivity by helping parents deal with this troublesome topic at home. Parents also received training on techniques for listening to their kids without lecturing, and other general communication skills. I think I hear my post-graduation job calling me…

The study came out in the July 11 copy of the British Medical Journal, by the way.

Source Article – here


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