Jul 242008
Pills - Defend em or Lose em

Pills - Defend 'em or Lose 'em

In a response to the events I wrote about in my last post, 104 members of the House have written to Bush, asking him to “halt all action.” The policy in question is an effort to define FDA-approved birth control methods (like The Pill) as abortion, making it possible to severely limit access to them as well as funding. While the proposal by The Department of Human and Health Services is worded to sound like merely a protection against those who would mistreat pro-lifers, the effects clearly go far beyond the abortion debate. The National Partnership for Women and Families has been all over this issue, and does a fantastic job giving us the updated details and summaries. This issue still needs your action, so please send read up and send those emails.


28 Senators, including Obama, sent a similar letter to the HHS Secretary calling on him to halt the silly (yet scary) proposal. Senator Clinton was one of two who started the letter, and no Republicans signed it.

More info – here

NPWF’s most recent update – here

ABD New’s report – here

U.S. News & World Report’s article – here

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