Jul 242008
2007s GoodVibes Poster Winner - Think You Can Do Better?

2007's GoodVibes Poster Winner - Think You Can Do Better?

Ok, don’t show us (unless you really want to)–show GoodVibes. Good Vibrations, the famous California -based sexuality boutique, is seeking submissions for their third annual Amateur Erotic Film Competition. Submissions of films up to 10 minutes long are due by September 25. The winners will be showcased on the big screen on October 30 at The Castro Theatre in San Fran and/or the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Mass. Sadly, only residents of Cali and Mass are able to submit films, so you may be forced to start your own event in your state or country. You could also send a submission for their Amateur Erotic Festival Poster Contest. For all the rules, forms, and other details you can check out the official page – here

Good Vibes’ call for submissions, and summaries from previous years – here

AVN’s article – here

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  1. “Submissions…” he he he, they wrote, “submission”

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