Jul 272008

STFree, an organization out of NY dedicated to increasing communication about STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, is quickly gaining notice for their recent expansion of a creative program: The Safe Sex License. Eli Dancy, founder of STFree, first began offering licenses in 2004 to members of NYC and is now launching the idea globally. In order to get a license the ‘applicant’ must get a fresh HIV test at an affiliated clinic, currently consisting of Planned Parenthood clinics, and shell out about $20 to STFree. You then get a license with a pin number, and can offer that information to prospective dates. This allows them to call and verify the date and results of your most recent test. According to STFree, other STIs can also be listed, although the focus is on HIV. The $20 fee entitles members to unlimited use of the service. Although the license doesn’t mean a person is necessarily STI free, since it is possible to catch something since the most recent test, it does provide an opportunity to discuss testing and verify recent results. For more information, check out:

STFree’s website – here

Article at Boinkology.com – here

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  2 Responses to “A License for Safe(r) Sex”

  1. Outside of the Safe Sex License program individuals can always test themselves for HIV, completely anonymously, by using an at home HIV test, available from online home health screening companies.

    (Note from Ruth @ The Explorers Blog: Very true, thanks for pointing out that there are many ways to test, including at home! Pharmacistmike’s link will take you to a site for home tests. You can also learn more about HIV testing at these sites:http://www.avert.org/testing.htm http://www.hivtest.org/faq.cfm and http://www.plannedparenthood.org/mar-monte/hiv-aids-testing-and-counseling.htm . Thanks, Mike!)

  2. The best license for safe sex is common sense and, hopefully you were licensed with that from birth. If not, you shouldn’t be having sex. Always, always product yourself! Condoms are great …

    (Note from Ruth @ Explorers Blog: I chopped off the end of this comment as it was advertising a product made to hold condoms on that I know nothing about …plus it may possibly damage condoms with friction, so I would need to see some research on the safety there. If you’re having problems keeping your condom on, please know that they come in various sizes! Snug fit condoms are great for those who suffer from slippage. XL condoms are also available, for those who find them uncomfortably tight (plus use lots of lube outside the condom). Also, if you’re lubricating the inside for pleasure, remember that you only need a tiny drop in the tip. It’s sealed in there with you, so it won’t dry out, thus you don’t need much. Ok, bye!)

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