Aug 032008
Ms. George has sexies on under those sassy slacks!

Ms. George has sexies on under those sassy slacks!

As much as I strive to advocate for recognition of lifelong sexuality, I sometimes slip up. Yes, I am guilty of tossing about the term “granny-panties” pretty regularly. For those less current on the cool kid slang, the term refers to undies that are high in the waist and low in the thigh, preferably with giant eleastic that shows through clothing. In other words, they’re super comfy. Ok, enough of this boring chatter! Did anyone else notice that 97-year-old Grace George, who was saved from her burning house by her cat, announced to the world that she sleeps in a tank top and bikini underwear? Ms. George has vanquished the myth of unsightly granny-panties. Let the truth be known about bikini cut granny-panties!

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