Aug 202008

A Good Motto, Ladies (

Wear something sexy underneath, take a private moment in the restroom, and carefully consider Wednesday’s Wild Teasers.

Yes, keep waxing – here

Yes, thank me after you wash your hands – here

Yes, Las Vegas has wild parties – here

Yes, I’m jealous, too – here (NSFW)

Yes, I want one – here

Yes, that is a good catch – here

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  2 Responses to “Wednesday's Wild Teasers”

  1. LMAO Derek is nutty as all hell!! I got to meet him in Vegas at the AVN Award Show, and he was a trip.

    Nice product-placement idea though…hrm, I wonder if they have little tiny playboy bunny waxing templates, you know, for the ladies ;)

  2. HmmMMmm I think you found a great product idea!

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