Aug 262008
Fatty Delicious is a Sexy Mermaid

Fatty Delicious is a Sexy Mermaid

Today’s Teasers are dedicated the Thick ‘n’ Juicy among us, and those who appreciate more cushion for the pushin’.

Rub your tummy lustily, jiggle as you walk down the street, and lick your lips to Tuesday’s Torrid Teasers!

Enjoy these Plus-Sized, BBW sexy links after the jump!

Yes, Fatty Delicious has a blog with photos – here

Yes, sexy goth BBW clothing – here

…and hot plus size costumes – here

Yes, a giant BBW bash – here

Yes, BBW and SSBBW lingerie – here

Yes, Chloe Marshall is a plus size English beauty queen – here

Yes, these sex cushions come in wider sizes for easier, sassier loving – here

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