Aug 272008


Del Martin (right) with her wife, Phyllis Lyon. (photo: Dlisted)

Del Martin passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 87. Cofounder (with Phyllis Lyon, above) of The Daughters of Bilitis, the first socio-political lesbian organization in the USA, she and her sweetheart grabbed the eye of the nation as the first same-sex couple to marry in California both times it became legal. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this amazing woman and her partner in today’s links. They changed the world with their love, making it more possible for others to pursue the same deep and enduring romance that they found in each other.

This feature replaces Thursday’s Teasers.

Thank you, Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon, for all you have done for us.

(links on Del Martin after the jump)

HIstory of Del and Phyllis, from Wikipedia – here

History of Daughters of Bilitis from Wikipedia – here

AP Article on Del’s life and death – here

Obituary from Equality California – here

CNN details their historic wedding – here

Brief biography at – here

The LoveBirds are Finally Able To Marry

The LoveBirds are Finally Able To Marry

March 3, In Their Home

March 3, In Their Home

A Priceless Moment in History

A Priceless Moment in History

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