Aug 272008

Crisco - Evolve Past It.

Crisco - Evolve Past It.

Today’s Teasers are dedicated to the theme of lube! Use it, Love it!

Buy yourself a delicious new bottle of lube, leave it on the bedside table where you know they’ll see it, and invite your sweety (or yourself!) upstairs to experiment with Wednesday’s Wet Teasers.

(Lubey links after the jump)

Yes, it’s still my favorite lube – here

Yes, Scarleteen agrees – here

Yes, Alice will help you find a good anal lube – here

Yes, boy on boy lube wrestling (tame) – here

Yes, hella crazy group all boy lube wrestling (NSFW) – here

Yes, you can buy a 55 gallon lube wrestling kit – here

Whew.. I need to sign off after the second to last link, there!

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