Aug 292008

Ok, so we know that Katy Perry regularly uses her breasts to rake in the cash, but this time she is offering her ample cleavage in an effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Watch the video clip above for a so-close-yet-so-far presentation of your favorite girl-on-girl Katy Perry fantasy as a woman smears plaster all over Perry’s otherwise nude torso. Every curve is caressed, all in an effort to support a great cause. You can bid on the bust after it has been decorated by her boyfriend, Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes… that’s a band).

More, including her bra size, after the jump.

Oh yeah, and we now have the honor of knowing she is a 32D. Thanks for the info, Katy.

The Keep A Breast Foundation (get it? abreast?!) has made several busts from various musicians on the Warped Tour, each with their own partnered artist. Katy promised to blog about it, and did on her MySpace page. For more info, check out the links below. This seems to be quite the thing lately, as Amy Winehouse and Helena Bonham Carter, among others, recently stripped down for a British magazine to somehow raise money or attention for breast cancer. Love live the tatas.

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