Aug 302008

Things To Say During Sex

Things To Say During Sex

I’m loving this graph by Comic Vs. Audience. It is a complete and well thought-out guide on what say, and what to avoid saying, in the heat of passion. May it assist in your efforts over the holiday weekend.

View the full-sized version – here (it’s so worth it)

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  2 Responses to “Things To Say During Sex: Good & Bad”

  1. In all honesty is this an attempt to increase your Google ranking ? Also is this an attempt to increase your traffic by posting on Topix? Usally I find your content to be thin at best but today really ‘takes the cake’ I do not see anything that relates to the article. The only thing I see is a bunch of links and advertisement. I must say I am really disappointed.

    Either improve your site or stop placing your link on Topix.

  2. *laughs* My google ranking is pretty much nonexistant, hon. As for ads, the only ads I have ever had are the two for VibeReview at the top, which I have made $0 on as of today.

    In response to your comments on, it’s easy for anyone to be an editor there. If you would like to see different content then I suggest you volunteer your time with them.

    I’m open to your suggestions and guest blogs over here on Exploring Intimacy. I make no money on this blog, and I am the only person here, posting every single day while also wrapping up graduate school. Not every post is going to win literary awards. If you enjoy free content then I suggest you skip over the posts you don’t like.

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