Nov 042008


Get Out There & Meet Other Sexy Voters!

Showing Off My Peachy Voting Sticker

What says sexiness more than demonstrating your intelligence, passion and dedication to communicating what you want?  Yes, that’s right, it’s time to get out and vote.  Here in the merry sea of red that is Georgia, we can vote early, which is how I got my rockin’ sticker already.  When you’re done, hit up your nearest Votergasm Party.  Join the fun and find your nearest party – here

If you’re in Athens, GA you’ll find us at The 40 Watt.  Although I considered pestering undecided voters by phone, I have decided that I will encourage voting by offering a free spank to every reader I meet at the party.  The harshness of the spank depends on who you voted for, and how much you like it.

Drop me an email so I don’t whack the wrong butt, ok?


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