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You Could Get Crafty With Your Old Vibes, Or Just Recycle Them

You Could Get Crafty With Your Old Vibes, Or Just Recycle Them

Fellow Explorers, I know you have a dead or unloved vibrator somewhere in your home.  What can you do with them, really?  You know you should recycle them, just like all electronic devices.  If you live in the UK, it may even be legally required!   But the right facilities may be hard to find, expensive, and downright embarrassing to use.

 For those vibes that still work, but don’t quite work for you, you can’t just go and re-gift them to the next person with a birthday.  

What’s an eco-conscious toy lover to do? 

Thankfully, LoveHoney in the UK and The Sex Toy Recycling Program in the USA have a wonderfully discreet way to recycle your vibrators on the cheap.  Simply wash your old toy and mail it to them, and they’ll take care of the rest.  As if that were not enough, both offer a special incentive to recycle!  LoveHoney will replace your old rabbit vibes with a new one at half price, and The Sex Toy Recycling Program will email you a $10 gift card for use toward a replacement at their affiliate sites.  See their sites for addresses and all of the details.

Now excuse me, as I need to get to the post office…

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  6 Responses to “Discreet Recycling For Your Old Vibrators (US & UK)”

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  3. I saw this a few months back, but it is still pretty cool. The question is…. will your foyer smell like fish after you hang this up?

  4. You should be fine as long as you’re using old vibes for your lighting, and not old fish!

    (Although you didn’t ask, you know I have to add: a bad smelling vagina is a sign of infection)

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  6. Now that is something you don’t see everyday.

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