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Years ago I was exploring a particularly strong vibrator and discovered that if I tensed my vaginal muscles or placed it against my pubic bone I could feel the rumbling throughout my entire pelvis.  It was as though my pelvic bone itself was vibrating!  The sensation was incredibly intense and delightful plus it held a wealth of possibilities for partnered play.  The first time I made this discovery my partner asked if I was ok (I’m sure my eyes were very wide) and much to our amusement I responded:

“It… shivered my timbers!”

How very pirate-y of me.

I’m about to post a review of the Glitz G-Spot, a toy which has the ability to yield a bit of this soul shaking effect. In order to best describe it, I’ve created a new scale for very intense vibes that I hope will catch on with other reviewers.

The SMT (Shiver My Timbers) Rating Scale

designed for particularly strong vibrators

0 = no SMT effect.

A mild or moderate vibrator, best suited to those who don’t like their toys to rattle them to the core.  Such toys may also be ideal for warming up and for newer vibe users.

1 = light SMT effect.

A strong vibe with a good rumble.  Vibrations can travel through the pelvis and be felt lightly throughout the genitals and anus.  Partners will notice it if they penetrate the vibe user.

2 = moderate SMT effect.

A very strong vibe with a hearty rumble.  Vibrations will be highly noticable throughout the lower torso, and will be somewhat intense for penetrating partners.

3 = high SMT effect.

This is the most intesne level of vibes, and may be too much for some folks.  It will be felt down the thighs and will be very intensely felt by any penetrating partners.  Think of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

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  14 Responses to “New Vibe Rating Scale: The SMT”

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  2. Very cool update on the toys! We just learned from Carol Queen at Good Vibes hat the g-spot is pretty easy to miss with your average penis (and there is sure to be more vibrating with this!). More power to the toys!

  3. Lauren – it sure is. Good for Carol Queen and LadyBrain for getting the word out!

    Have you read “The Science of Orgasm” yet? There is splendid info on research about pleasure, orgasm, and positioning in heterosexual intercourse. It backs up what Carol Queen said, but also talks about positions that might help.

    Also, it offers good information on how the cervix can also be an orgasmic spot. Toys like this might also stimulate her cervix, if thats what she digs, although the G spot gets a lot more attention as a hot spot.

  4. LOVE it! So fun sharing all this info!

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