Jun 242009

It’s a tough time for everyone economically, even those with lots of experience and a Ph.D..  We’ve hit a bit of a snag in our plans to relocate to Washington, DC., and so I am reaching out to my contacts for any job leads or suggestions.  If you, or someone you know, may have a full time position available in the fields of sexual health & well-being, intimater partner violence, family therapy or qualitative research, please contact me.  I would be pleased to rush you a packet containing my CV, teaching and presentation evaluations, professional publications, or any other materials that you may need.  We’re open to relocating to any area of english speaking North America, with a preference for locations in or near a metropolitan area.  These areas are most likely to have positions for expert statisticians, such as my spouse.  I am seeking to start in July or August, and am available for interviews on location or through video conferencing. 

Thank you!

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