Feb 192010

  • Toy: Twisties in Dusty Rose (sent by Lustique)
  • Type: waterproof, outtie, single speed, 1 N sized battery (2 included)
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Material: non-phthalate PVC
  • Price: $13.79
  • SMT rating: 0

Lustique.com was kind enough to send to me this Twisties – Dusty Rose for review, a small twist-cap single speed vibe with a hard plastic ring at the base.

Twisties – Dusty Rose comes packaged in easy-to-open clam-shell packaging with two N sized batteries (one spare). It is waterproof and made from non-phthalate PVC which is firm yet somewhat flexible at the tip. Basically, this vibe is a larger version of the bullet vibe with a rubber coating. Twisties – Dusty Rose has a ring on the end which is used to help twist off the cap. There is no indication as to which way the battery goes so you’ll have to experiment with that for a few seconds.

Twisties – Dusty Rose has only one speed (which isn’t very strong) so you simply twist the ring completely closed to turn it on. Doc Johnson isn’t known for great motors in their vibrators and this one is no exception; although the motor isn’t terrible, it clearly isn’t a premium component. The ring on the end may be useful to help move the toy around or for bondage play (because the ring is ideal for rope), but other than that there isn’t anything particularly special about it.  It’s worth noting the ring is hard plastic, while the rest insertable portion is that PVC over hard plastic.

The toy isn’t shaped for pressure on the G-spot and it isn’t very large. I strongly recommend that you do not use this toy for anal stimulation even though the toy resembles a butt plug; anal toys should have a flaired based which is clearly wider than any other part of the toy and the ring on the base just doesn’t cut it.

While is has aspects to it that are intriguing, those aspects are few and far between. If I had to choose between using Twisties – Dusty Rose and taking a nap, I’d probably choose the nap, and that’s a bit sad.

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  17 Responses to “Play Testing the Twisties”

  1. I like when folks review toys honestly – because we all know that there is just about nothing more disappointing than a sex toy that doesn’t work!

  2. Thanks, Ell! I do my best to bring you a well rounded and honest set of reviews!

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  9. Appreciate the honest review!

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