Feb 192010

  • Toy: VibroPod (sent by Lustique)
  • Type: innie vibe with 8 functions and also vibes in time to you MP3 player, 2 AAA batteries
  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • Material: phthalate-free, coated hard plastic phallus, lots of cords, and a power box
  • Price: $37.49
  • SMT rating: unknown. Plastic quickly cracked on the insertable part.
Cracked VibroPod - No Good!

Notice the small, horizontal crack at the tip of my finger, stretching almost to the vertical seam.

I’m just not having luck with these MP3 vibes! First it was one of the original OhMiBod MP# vibes, which ceased to vibrate at all by the second or third use.  Now it’s the Cal Exotic’s version, the VibroPod, which developed a horizontal crack in the casing almost immediately and has tediously long cords.

Lustique.com was kind enough to send me this VibroPod for review, so allow me to save the rest of you some time and money.  Don’t buy it. All the same, I will briefly describe it here.

This vibrator is made to attach to your iPod or mp3-player. Inside of it’s cardboard packaging is a nice purple mesh bag which holds it’s many feet of cords, as well as our vibrator and its power pack. There is a a sea of cords that you can watch me swim swim around with in the review above.

I orignially tried to listen to a dance mix, but the vibration was too consistant, so I suggest using something with less of a consistant base-line. When I put on Daniel Bedingfield’s “I Gotta Get Through This” it worked fine.

If you do not want to use the toy with music, you can disconnect it from your mp3 player and should be able to change between 8 speed settings as long as you first unplug the iPod from the toy. Although this toy worked longer than the name brand version I tried to review, I have some issues with the quality. Although I have not put the VibroPod through any strenuous use the plastic covering has already cracked, as shown in the pic here.

So, we have a confusing, poorly made, cheap toy. You could possibly use the toy for fun things, but toys that crack easily are not toys you should be buying.

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  4. Oh, bummer… because I just bought it last night. Oh well. Thanks for the review.

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