Mar 252010

  • Toy: I Dare You (sent by GoodVibes for review)
  • Type: Truth or Dare game by Susie Bright
  • Manufacturer: Chronicle Books
  • Material: Paperboard box with satin ribbon, velvet interior, and 30 paper envelopes containing paperboard cards
  • Price: $ 14.95
  • SMT rating: none – it’s a card game, not a sex toy!

Welcome to my review of the I Dare You card set, by Chronicle Books and sent over for review by . This beautifully designed box holds a set of 30 spicy cards with the luscious velvet interior and is the perfect thing to inspire some naughty fun!

I Dare You Cards from

I Dare You Cards from

The cards come in two tintilating categories, “Truth” and “I Dare You”. Well known sex educator Susie Bright offers these attractive and well made prompt cards for you and your partner to get started on some fun times together, either physically with the “Dare” cards, or conversationally with the “Truth” cards.

The sensual little treasure chest offers the opportunity for pampered and playful fun designed to appeal to a wide variety of couples’ interests and pleasures, even the fairly modest. It receives an enthusiastic thumbs up for the very enjoyable content and lovely packaging.

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