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Sensual, Delicious Berries

Sensual, Delicious Berries

For me, spring is the most sensual season.   We’re surrounded by sensuality this time of year:  the sweet calls of birds looking for love outside our windows; the taste of fresh berries and other produce that come early to our local markets; the sight of flower laden trees all around us; the warmth of the sun inviting us to shed a few layers and slow down a bit to feel her; and of course the scent of new life and freshness all around.

Nature is in the mood to tease, tantalize and seduce all of our senses into a new level of excitement so why not take her up on the invitation?

In honor of the delights of spring here in our nation’s capital, I’d like to invite you to plan a special date night challenge: one date per week, each dedicated to the pleasures of indulging in one of our senses with a lover or even by ourselves.  I will be featuring a new date idea each Friday to help you set the scene and get inspired!

Week 1 – Scent

I picked scent first because this sense always draws the most blushes and giggles when I bring it up during workshops and private sessions, so why not start here?  Our sense of smell is a powerful aphrodisiac, both for our bodies and our minds.  Although our ability to appreciate smell changes over the years, the right scents can continue to evoke passion for a lifetime!  Better yet, when a certain smell captures our attention we must pause, concentrate on it, and take a moment to decipher and savor the aroma we’ve discovered.  This is exactly the sort of thing we want to do during each week’s date night challenge!  After this date night both of you are sure to find yourself having naughty daydreams of each other every time you enjoy a bite of fresh fruit this spring…

Shop & Prepare

  • One medium bowl of fresh mixed fruits, cleaned and cut into bite sized pieces.  I suggest fragrant fruits and berries that are in season near you, if possible.  Consider: kiwi, strawberries, cherries, sliced banana, mango, papaya, pineapple, blueberries, orange wedges (with the skin removed), mellon and grapes.  Some fruits and berries with a skin will be more fragrant if cut in half, such as cherries, grapes and strawberries.  Cut 30-60 minutes before use, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
  • One soft, freshly washed hand towel that can be stained without worry or a few sheets of extra soft and thick papertowel.
  • One silky blindfold.  Don’t have one? Consider: a sleeping mask, a thick and plush bathrobe tie or satin nightrobe tie, cooling eye mask for headaches, or a satiny pillow case folded into a long strip and a binder clip to fasten it gently in back.  Remember not to position your partner in a chair where s/he will have to their head back if the blindfold will have a bulky knot or fastener in back.  If your partner is not comfortable having their eyes covered then you may invite them to close their eyes instead and trust them to behave.
  • An inviting chair in a private room where you will not be disturbed and a foot stool for yourself.
  • A cozy lap blanket or sheet, in case your partner gets chilly or wishes to cover themselves a bit.  Make sure that it will not be easily ruined if juice drips on it.
  • IPod, commercial-free net radio, or mixed CD of soft, sensual music.  You might check out the Yo-Yo Ma channel at last.fm if you enjoy classical and instrumental.

Set The Scene

  • Invite your partner to schedule one hour in their planner for a little private time with you, do the same, and arrange to have your pets and children busy elsewhere.  I’m serious about this: write it in the your schedule.
  • Start by setting up the music, to help yourself get in the mood. Make it just loud enough to enjoy, but not so much so that it will be difficult to hear your soft voices.
  • Move a small table next to your chosen chair and place a glass of water, your hand towel, and your bowl of chilled fruit there.  Place your footstool to the side of the chair, opposite where your partner will enter, so they don’t stumble on it.
  • Fold your blanket or sheet and place it on your foot stool.  Lay the blindfold on top of the folded blanket or sheet.
  • Be sure to have a tasteful bowl of condoms and lube handy, as well as any other supplies you might need for a fun and safe time, should the date lead in that direction.
  • Invite your sweetie to close their eyes and step into the room.  Shut the door behind him or her, and lock it if there are others in the area who might otherwise wander in.
  • Hand your sweetie the blindfold, or ask if you may place it on.  Remember, this is option and it works just as well if you invite them keep their eyes closed.
  • Invite your partner to undress, or ask if you may undress them, as much as you are both comfortable.  If she or he wishes to stay dressed above the waist you will need to lay the towel over their clothing to help protect it from juice.
  • Lead her or him to the chair by taking both of their hands and walking them slowly in front of it, then gently turning them at the hips so that the back of their thighs touch the edge of the chair.  When they are seated offer them the blanket or sheet to get comfy with, if they want it.


  • Your touch takes on a new meaning and sense of safety when your partner is blindfolded.  Maintain direct contact with your partner at all times while they cannot see.  You can do this by allowing your knees to touch theirs, keeping a hand on their arm or leg, etc.  If you must step away ask their permission first and keep in vocal contact.  If you simply must leave the room, hide the fruit under the towel and invite them to remove the blindfold while you are away, then pick up where you left off as soon as you return.
  • Place your bowl of fruit on your lap and explain to your honey that you will be offering them a taste of something delicious, but first they must identify it by smell.  Say this with humor and love in your voice – this isn’t a contest, it is an invitation to enjoy time together.
  • Pick up a juicy bit of fruit in your fingers.  Rub the back of your hand lightly over your partners cheek and chin, then hold the fruit beneath their nose.  Whisper a request that they guess the fruit you are holding by smell.  If they are incorrect, respond with a caring chuckle and suggest they try again.  Offer the fruit with your fingers when they guess what it is, but don’t release it immediately, so they must urge it from your fingers with their lips.  If they cannot guess within a few tries, suggest that they extend their tongue and taste with only the tip.  Whether or not they can guess the fruit at this point, offer it with your fingers but do not let go right away.  If they never were able to guess it, don’t tell them!  Let them know that you will offer another piece of the same fruit later and they can try again.  Repeat this with each type of fruit.
  • If juice drips on your partner’s body I suggest cleaning it off with kisses, but you do have that towel with you, if you prefer.
  • This is a wonderful stand-alone activity to enhance your connection as a couple and enjoy your company together.  Do not feel that you need to move on to more sexual fun unless you both really want to.  If you do, you’ve got that blanket or sheet handy to spread on the floor right there, as well as some tasty bits of juicy fruit to continue to seduce each other.  Continue in the spirit of relaxation and teasing by progressing slowly to massages and other sensual activities as you explore and enjoy each other.

Well then, excuse me as I run to the store for some fruit…

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  1. Awww, I loved this! And some of those fruits are real sex starters-strawberries especially! Would nuts work too? Almonds are pretty potent and healthy too, lol.
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