May 022010

Woman Cancer Sex - By Dr. Anne Katz

Woman Cancer Sex - by Dr. Anne Katz

Book: Woman Cancer Sex
Author: Dr. Anne Katz
ISBN: 1890504807
List Price: $14.95
Purchased at: The Tool Shed in Milwaukee, WI

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for women with cancer or who have completed cancer treatment, their partners, and outreach professionals with an interest in this area.  It can be rough finding good books, or any books at all,  on the overlap between sexuality and medical concerns.  However, this one surpassed my expectations by also including essential information for partners and all in an easy-to-read and friendly manner. Of course, I would expect no less from this excellent author.

As a sexuality educator, I am always watching for specialty books like this, both for myself and my clients.  My clients most often appreciate a strong combination of education and real life examples, and that is exactly how this book presents its own information.  It’s easy to feel normal when reading this book, as it demonstrates how many communication and emotional concerns related to sex and intimacy can readily occur during this time.  Additionally, there are fantastic tips for purchasing the right sexuality products, and some info on how to use them.  Finally, the importance of vaginal dilators is addressed, along with with common concerns that women express about using them.  (I’ll be reviewing a new set of vibrating dilators later this month, thanks to!)  I also learned more about the importance of steering women away from stimulator creams at this time;  products like menthol and mint are skin irritants and her body is too delicate when it is dealing with treatment.

Thanks to the quality of writing and information, combined with a relational focus, this is one fantastic book!  I will certainly recommend it to clients and fellow educators.  Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself, or as a caring gift for a loved one.  And yes, she has also written a companion version: Man Cancer Sex.  Both are available on, but why not have your local bookstore order it for you?

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