May 082010

The Mystic Wand G-Spot Attachment is a promising way to turn the Mystic Wand from an outtie vibe to an innie/outtie combo, as long as it has the reach you need!

  • Toy:  Mystic Wand Attachment (sent by for review)
  • Type: G-Spot and clit attachment designed for the Mystic Wand vibrator, also by Vibratex
  • Manufacturer: Vibratex
  • Material: flexible silicone
  • Price: $29
  • SMT rating: none – It’s an attachment and doesn’t vibrate on its own.

After being blown away by the Mystic Wand, I’m back to tell you about its G-Spot Attachment!  The cute design reminds me of a robotic parrot’s face, and it would make a fantastic sci-fi fantasy piece for my more imaginative readers.  Check out the video above for the full details.  This attachment is designed to stimulate both the G-spot and the clit, thanks to the bulbous tip on the insertable portion (for the g-spot) and the small, textured protrusion for the clitoris.  You could also use this attachment (with the Mystic Wand vibe) as a vibrating prostate stimulating toy, for the guys!  If you’re going to share between vaginal and anal play, or between any partners, be sure to wash it well before sharing, as it is difficult to put a condom on this toy due to the petite size.

This toy is designed to be used with water-based lube, not silicone lube.  It’s easy to place on the vibe and remove, and can be made easier with a little lube, too!  However, be aware that this lovely attachment is best suited for ladies with more petite genital builds.  Those with more distance between the clit and vagina won’t get much clitoral stimulation out of this one.  However, if you find that clit attachments are often too long for you, then this one is likely to be a winner for you!

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