May 102010

The first week of National Masturbation Month has brought some amazing product reviews into my life.  Be sure to check out what these fantastic Babeland reviewers have to say about some of the hottest products to inspire your own, private Masturbate-a-thons, or public ones!

MoregasmQueerie Bradshaw does excellent video reviews, so when she says that this book is a 5/5 value, it’s time to get yourself a copy!  And I couldn’t agree more.  Moregasm, by Babeland co-founders Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning, is a solid book packed full of useful information on a wide range of erotically-focused topics.  Ready to ramp up your love life?  Be sure to check out their review to see if this book has what you need.

VibrokitPretty Power Tools has a wonderfully humorous approach while keeping her reviews useful, and her write up of the Vibrokit is no exception!  Got a few old innie vibes in your draw that could use some extra zip?  Why not turn ’em into innie/outie combos?  You can even live the vibrator dream by attaching a suction cup for some extra creativity.

The Sexy Bunny – If you aren’t reading the The Woman Tribune yet?  If not, their Sexy Bunny review is the perfect time to start.  Packed full of useful details and photos, their review goes into detail about the pros and cons of this innie/outie vibe.  Wonderful!

This week also brought two product reviews and a fantastic new contest from yours truly!  Did you miss ’em?

Enter this month’s contest for a surprise premium toy set (it’s a really exciting one) AND a free full session in my new online office!

Looking for a powerful, portable winner of an addition to your toy box? Be sure to check out my review of the Mystic Wand.  You can even spice it up with its specially made G-Spot Attachment – which has an awesome (though petite) design that makes me think of a robotic parrot.  Really, you’ll just have to check out the videos to see what I mean.

And that sums up my first week of reviewing for Babeland!  This upcoming week you’ll get my video reviews of the FunFactory Tango and the incredibly popular We Vibe II!  As always, all my Babeland reviews are 100% honest so you’ll know what I really think of every product.  I never take affiliate commission income for my reviews; it’s an important part of my service to you and my clients (plus I get some great toys)!

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