May 162010

It’s May 16th and that means it’s my turn to host the blog book tour for Please, Sir right here at my blog!  In this case, you can most certainly judge a book by its cover.  And thank goodness, because that is one sexy cover.  Yes, Sir contains 22 lusciously kinky short stories of strong, sexy, sassy women who totally get off on submitting to the strong, dominant men in their lives who love to pleasure them.  Sometimes it’s a one night stand.  Sometimes it’s a long term relationship.  Yes, there are a few dungeons, but the stories in this book go way beyond that in creativity.  I was delightfully surprised by the range and diversity of these stories, as well as the form.  Each is relatively short, beginning with enough background to give a bit of connection to main characters, progressing to intense moments of pleasure (including lots of orgasms and kink), and ending in a prompt yet satisfying wrap-up.

True, there are a few stories that I liked less than the rest, but that’s bound to happen in any compilation since you just can’t please everyone all of the time.  Of course, as an educator I would have also liked the editor to have skipped any stories in which spit passes for vulvic lube and spit or her vulvic juices pass for anal lube. Please, can we retire that convention?  I make a lot of money on it as an educator from folks who struggle to try and make that work, but I would gladly give up that income for a better informed public that doesn’t suffer from so much chafing.  But I was thrilled that some of them included lube, and even the sexy use of condoms!  And in the end, it’s a fantasy book not meant for education, right?

This was an enjoyable compilation and I look forward to seeing what else I can dive into from her collections.  I see from Amazon that the editor is coming out with a book featuring submissive men and dominant women soon, so you can bet I’ll be the first in line for that one!

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