May 162010

The Tango is a well-made, versatile toy with a really nice feel, offering easy use and comfort to individuals or couples.  Plus, the turbo button will be really handy for folks who like to warm up with a pulsation setting but need a strong, steady vibe to reach orgasm!

  • Toy:  Tango (sent by for review)
  • Type: 7-mode single-motor vibrator, innie/outie, flexible, battery powered (4 AAAs), water resistant
  • Manufacturer: FunFactory
  • Material: Silicone with a hard-plastic end cap and soft buttons
  • Price: $99
  • SMT rating: Powerful, but just short of the SMT-1 rating internally.  Clitoral stimulation is less powerful, but still ranks solidly at the moderate level.

FunFactory's Tango - sent for review by

When I opened my review box and found the beautiful Tango, I knew it was going to be a good month for reviews!  The lovely Tango vibe runs on 4 AAA batteries. Thanks to very pliable silicone, this “innie-outie” sex toy has a sensual, soft, velvety texture, covering a comfortably flexible surface. Vibrations start at the base,  which makes sense because the opening of the vagina is one of the most sensitive areas (aside from the clit),  and travel up the 5-inch insertable length of the thick toy body as well as through clit-stimulating branch at the case.

The design  has a smoother, less hooked end, not meant to particularly stimulate the G-spot, and offers a strong, throbbing, pulsating, really pleasant tactile sensation vaginally, with moderate stimulation to the clitoral area.  There are several settings and a special turbo charge button, taking you from a pulsation to an even stronger steady vibration when held down, which would enhance the climax of  an experience.

If you or your sweetie like the innie-outie shape of a traditional rabbit vibe, but aren’t fans for the oscillating shaft or rotating pearls, then this may be the perfect match for you.  The clit stimulator has a good reach, and offers a moderate level of stimulation… plus you can always flip it around to make the toy a vaginal/anal combo!  I’m a big fan of Fun Factory toys, and this one is no exception.

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