May 172010

So Sensual! (Babeland's Eco-Sex Kit)

So Sensual! (Babeland's Eco-Sex Kit)

Ahh, it’s so good to be feeling the spring weather!  For a while, DC had jumped right into the sunny, sweaty, humid glare of summer but now we’re finally back where we belong.  I absolutely love the rainy, mild days and cool nights, with bursts of sunshine in between.  Or maybe it’s sun with bursts of rain, depending on what you prefer.  Regardless, you know what I’m talking about.  I just adore that kind of morning that smells like spring and feels fresh on the skin.  What a way to inspire sensuality!   Want to keep that inspiration rolling?  Check out my favorite reviews from across the net.  This week’s theme: getting sensual.

Blogging About Massage & Body Products – The lovely folks over at the Babeland Blog must have been sharing a brainwave with me, because they’re also featuring sensual reviews right now.  Head on over to read about some of their affiliate’s favorite massage items, like Sinclair Sexsmith’s thoughts on the JimmyJane Contour M Massage Stone, or J Alley’s experiences with a delicious Babeland Massage Candle.  There are plenty of other reviews over on the blog, so have a look and find a few new ways to be good to yourself.

Butchtastic Loves the GoGirl – And I might have a thing for Kyle of Butchtastic. Hey, I’m just being honest about what may be my newest sex-nerd crush, here.  Anyway, the GoGirl is a useful device for standing to pee if you don’t already have a built-in device for that purpose (among other purposes).  How in the world is this sensual?  Well, some folks on the kinkier side are already raising their hand to answer that question for you.  However, even those who aren’t so into the naughtier version of water sports can appreciate that the ability to easily pee while standing is very handy for enjoying the sensual pleasures outdoors with your sweetie/s.  If you need more blunt details on what I’m talking about, just have a listen to First of May (hilariously NSFW).  It also makes those crowded, gross porta-potties a more pleasant experience.

The Sparkly Tantus Vamp – Please don’t light me on fire when I say this, but continuing on the theme of honesty, I have to confess that I am not a Twilight fan in the least.  Hey, I’m an intimate partner violence expert and you have to admit that the series (especially the books) set off a major creepy-factor in that area.  However, you know what I do love?  Sparkly, shiny or pearly sex toys.  A delicious gourmet meal must appeal to the eyes before it meets the tongue, and why should sex toys be any different (aside from the tongue part, maybe…)? Femenina Deliciosa knows what I’m talking about, and even if we don’t agree on on the Twilight series, we share a love for the sparkling beauty of the Tantus Vamp dildo.

Bonus Review: The Two – Generally I share my top three, and I know I mentioned Pretty Power Tools’ blog last week, but I must mention her review of The Two.  Anyone who makes a passionate defense for the oft-lost art of manual hand jobs for the ladies gets a gold star from me.  Add in a disability-friendly, lesbian-designed, highly creative dildo that fits on your fingers and you earn… well… I guess you earn a second gold star and a spot here!  Thanks for another great review, Pretty Power Tools!  She does mention uterine orgasms in this review, which I’m still looking into, but it seems to be related to cervical-area stimulation.  I’ll get back to y’all with my thoughts  on that later, pending further research

This week also brought two product reviews from me plus the continuation of a fantastic new contest from yours truly!  Here they are, in case they flew past your RSS feed unnoticed.

Enter this month’s contest for a surprise premium toy set (it’s a really exciting one) AND a free full session in my new online office!  I’m thrilled by the number of entries I’ve received, and I want to see yours, too!  Everyone who enters will get a free 30 minute mini-consultation with me (yay!) so make sure you jump on this one!

Ready to add some spring to your toy collection? Be sure to check out my review of the splendidly creative We-Vibe 2 and the turb0-chared FunFactory Tango!  Both include video reviews from my lovely hotel room while I was on the road for a week-long speaking engagement.  Yep, I even travel with toys.  Go ahead, TSA security!  Ask me what’s in my bag because I would LOVE to tell you allllll about it…  They can probably tell that about me at first glance, which explains why they almost never pull my carry-ons anymore.

This upcoming week you’ll get my video reviews and lots of great information on an exciting new offering in the form of vibrating dilators!  As always, all my Babeland reviews are 100% honest so you’ll know what I really think of every product.  I never take affiliate commission income for my reviews; it’s an important part of my service to you and my clients (plus I get some great toys)!

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