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The Oasis Slimline vibrators are a well-made set of three graduated toys that are meant for therapeutic vaginal use.  The inclusion of vibration–a feature not common in vaginal dilators–allows the Slimlines to promote vaginal circulation and healing, and makes them suitable for intimate pleasure purposes, as well!

  • Toy:  Slimline Vibrators (sent by for review)
  • Type: smooth hard plastic, 3 AAA or 2 AA (depending on size) battery operated, water-resistant, graduated sizes for vaginal dilation and therapeutic purposes
  • Manufacturer: Oasis
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Price: $25 each ($75 for whole set)
  • SMT rating: 0 (More for therapeutic value)
Oasis's Slimline Vibrators - sent for review by

Oasis's Slimline Vibrators - sent for review by

Unlike most of the toys I review here at Exploring Intimacy, the Oasis Slimline vibrators are not primarily meant for intimate pleasure (although they certainly can feel good).  Instead, this set of three graduated insertable toys are meant for therapeutic vaginal dilation or healing.  These dilators can serve a variety of medical purposes: women who have been through menopause may use them to help keep their vagina’s elasticity; women who have undergone chemotherapy or other medical treatments may use them to help stimulate vaginal healing; women who have undergone sex reassignment surgery may use them to help their new vagina heal properly; or women who have had previous experiences with painful intercourse may want to use these dilators to help them slowly work toward enjoying larger amounts of vaginal insertion.  Whatever the need, Oasis’s high-quality, hard plastic set of 3 vibrators will be helpful in this process.  Unlike many dilators, the Slimlines vibrate, which can both make the therapeutic process more pleasurable, as well as promote circulation to help with the healing process of the vaginal tissues.  These vibrators use common battery sizes and vibrate sufficiently hard to make them enjoyable as toys without making them overwhelming for those who are using them for primarily medical purposes.

The Slimlines’ hard plastic will not be helpful for those looking for a more flexible dilator.  It’s also important to remember that the goal is not to insert the entire length of these vibrators; they are made long to make it easier to manipulate and maneuver them.

Oasis’s Slimline vibrators are a useful group of three dilators of graduated size that will be very helpful for anyone needing vaginal dilation for therapeutic uses.  Whether you have: gone through menopause and want to retain vaginal elasticity; have been through medical treatment such as chemotherapy and want to help the healing of scars and vaginal tissue; have undergone sex reassignment surgery and want to keep your new vaginal healing happily; or have had painful experiences with vaginal insertion the past and would like to slowly work up to enjoying larger objects, the Slimline vibrators can be both pleasurable and healthful.

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  1. The look on my face in the YouTube still shot keeps cracking me up! There I am, eyes fluttered shut, smiling slightly while I delicately hold a vibrator over a giant vulva with both hands. The priests at my Catholic high school would be so proud…

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