May 242010
Isn't it time we had a mojito-mint flavored lube?

Isn't it time we had a mojito-mint flavored lube?

I know I’m in good company when I tell you that I love vibrators, but I also know that there is a heck of a lot more out there to explore.  So, we’re going vibe-free for this installment of Babeland Toy Reviews of the Week!   After all, I wouldn’t be doing my job if you weren’t aware that there are high quality mojito-mint flavored bottles of lube just waiting for you to discover them, would I?

Naughty Mommy Gets Babelicious – Every time I do an oral sex workshop I have to stop to share the sad news that most brands of flavored lube are sticky, icky and full of glycerine parabens and so they’re not even body-friendly.  There have been a few exceptions to that rule lately, thank goodness, but I’ve yet to be seduced by any of the flavor choices.  Thank goodness for Naughty Mommy’s blog!  Head on over and read about the body-happy deliciousness of the Babeelicious lubes she has discovered.  She chose Dulce De Leche but they also come in mojito peppermint, pomegranate vanilla, and chocolate orange flavors.  Not only are they a great discovery, but she does a darned good review.

Riding the Ripple – Holly at Woman Tribune came up with the best name for her product review, so I’ll just have to pay tribute to it here.  It’s a silicone butt toy with graduated bloops, but more firmness and structure than a set of anal beads.  Plus, it’s made by Tantus, so you know it is high quality. I also have to give her extra credit for reviewing the larger size, and getting creative by adding a second toy.  Way to go, Holly!  Head on over to her review to hear all about it.  Kytty’s Playground also did a great review of the same toy this week.

I Dare You Cards – Luscious Lily rounds out this week’s TRW with her review of the fun and well designed I Dare You Cards.  I did a review of these for a different store not too long ago, and I’m happy to see them carried by Babeland, too.  Luscious Lily makes some excellent points about who will enjoy these cards most.  Looking for a way to break the ice with a new sweetie, or a shy one?  Check out this review to learn if this product is just what you’re lusting for.

And did you catch my reviews from this past week?  They both came over the weekend, so they might have slipped right past you in the tidal wave of Monday RSS action and general bloggy goodness.  If so, be sure to check ’em out now!  I use each review as an opportunity to give you a little special info on how to make the most of your sexuality, so be sure to take a peak at the videos that come with each post.

Enjoy Your SmartBalls – Last week’s workshop on oral lovin’ featured a host of hot tips for amping up your pleasure, one of which was the idea of combing a full insertable sex toy with your lip service for the the ladies.  This is just one of many excellent ways to use your SmartBalls; others include kegel exercises to strengthen that pelvic floor, all day seduction, and even gentle vaginal dilation!  Check out the video to learn all about it.

Vibrating Vaginal Dilators: How-To & Review – I love it when I have the opportunity to review a product that is designed to combine therapeutic value and pleasure.  More and more professionals are considering the potential of vibration for healing and recovery with a host of concerns.  If your doctor or sex therapist has recommended using vaginal dilators, be sure to check this review and then discuss the possibility of vibrating vaginal dilators when your health professional.  These are also recommended for women who experience painful vaginal clenching and spasms during penetration, especially when linked to negative past sexual experiences.  Been treated for reproductive system cancers or perhaps you’ve recently become the owner of a new vagina after sex change surgery?  Yep, these might be just the ticket for you, too!  Check out the video review to learn more, then call up your health pro for a conversation on these beauties.

Alrighty – that should do it for this week’s review!  Over the next few days I’ll be reviewing a DVD on G-Spot pleasure (yum) and also a popular remote controlled bullet that’s been creating a lot of buzz online.  And I’ve heard your request for more info on boys’ toys!  This June I’ll be bringing you plenty of info on how to integrate stimulator sleeves into your individual and couples’ play.  Ta-da!

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  1. Thank you so much for the link love and for the comment on my review of the Ripple anal probe. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the review and it was worthy enough to be blogged about in your roundup of reviews from around the blogosphere. It is really a joy to be able to provide my readers with in-depth and honest reviews, especially of toys that they may generally be put off by, including the bigger sized anal toys. With the right amount of lube and work up, they really are incredibly rewarding!

    Thanks again!

  2. My pleasure! It’s a great review and I agree that there is a strong need for more reviews of those types of items. :D Keep up the great reviews!

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