Jun 012010

Janines Pirates Rocket Vibe

What a weekend!  What a wonderfully relaxing, beautiful long weekend.  Ahhh.  I got to clear up some household tasks, spent good time with friends, and began digging into July’s batch of review goodies from Babeland.com.  Delightful!  And it’s also been a great week for reviews from my fellow Babeland toy bloggers.  Ready to get a little creative with fetish-tastic vibes, thick and sexy cock rings and a solar powered vibe that’ll rock your socks off?  Here we go!

Janine’s Pirates Rocket Vibe – Domina Doll of Pop My Cherry now has me wondering about her seven tattoos after reading her review of this tribute to the well loved Pirates porn videos!  It’s not your typical hard plastic vibe, with a lovely coating of velvety texture, unique art on the phallus, and gems of the sparkly sort at the base.  Plus, you know, it has 3 speeds and some pulsation patterns.  Plus, anyone who comes up with the idea of a pirate-themed fetish party has my attention.  Be sure to check out her review and help me encourage her to show us some of her own art!

RingO Silicone Cock Ring – So, when I talk with folks about cock rings I always suggest beginning (or sticking) with those that are not made of metal.  This is because it can get rather difficult to remove one that is too small, and metal rings cannot be cut away.  However, sometimes people mention that they’ve had trouble finding a nice, thick, firm one that can be easily removed.   RedVinylKitty has found our answer in this substantial silicone ring!  She and her partner have also discovered that it’s a good idea to trim or shave his bits before using it.

Solar Bullet – You know, when I first became aware of this solar-powered bullet vibe I was a bit skeptical, but the reviews are coming in and it looks like it’s a winner!  Take the power pack with you as you catch some sun, then pop it into your pocket or cell phone holder, attach the bullet vibe, slip it into your undies, and you’re good to go for over an hour!  Check out these glowing reviews by Sexocism and Alan & Michele.

And did you catch my video reviews from this past week?  Be sure to click on over and check ’em out!

Tristan’s Expert Guide to the G Spot (DVD) – Whether you’re looking to discover your G Spot, or just a fan of porn that focuses on her pleasure, this is video is highly recommended!

BNaughty Unleashed –  BSwish brand products have always been good, and they already make one heck of a bullet vibe.  Now they’ve taken it to the next level with this delightful cordless bullet vibrator.  Yay!

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