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Tenga makes some of the finest men’s toys on the market, and so it is no surprise that the Lip Service is a top quality, single-use, men’s masturbation toy that rocked our reviewer’s socks.  Actually, he reported that it was a huge improvement over using a sock,  just in case you were curious.  This gem is designed to offer a strong sucking sensation that you can control, a throaty slurping sound (it’s not loud, don’t worry), and loads of pleasure.

  • Toy:  Lip Service (sent by Babeland.com for review)
  • Type: Male masturbation sleeve, pre-lubed, disposable
  • Manufacturer: Tenga
  • Material: lube is water-based, silicone insert, hard plastic outer shell, foam lining and lubricated sponges
  • Price: $16
  • SMT rating: N/A
Inner Goodness of the Lip Service.  Willy Wonka Meets Wanking!

Inner Goodness of the Lip Service. Willy Wonka Meets Wanking!

One of the finest features of this ready-to-use item is the generous lubrication, which is not only  applied to the contact surface of the very soft interior lining, but to a series of small sponges tucked inside, offering complete comfort with indulgent satisfaction. All you need to do is open it up on both ends (unscrew the cap on one for penetration, pull off the foil tab on the other for controlling suction) and you are ready to enjoy the fully lubricated silicone liner.  The sleeve is surrounded at the sides by foam padding that provides stimulating added pressure to the penis for those of concise or average penis size, while also making it comfy for the hugely endowed among us.

Another remarkable feature is made clear after use of this product. With the exception of a slight dampness after use, all the lubricant remains inside for easy, convenient and clean disposal.  Yes, folks, it makes cleaning up a breeze.  Just toss out the Lip Service and zip up your fly – you’re tidy and ready to tackle your day in a relaxed and joyful mood.  This also means that the lube doesn’t drip out during your fun times, keeping you dry and the Tenga wet.

It’s a well-made product, so there were few things that the reviewer would have improved.   The sizable outer shell is lightweight but cannot be squeezed, although suction can be adjusted by covering or releasing the air hole at the tip.  If you want intense pressure, you may prefer the Tenga Egg, which is directly controlled by your grip.  The substantial width of the toy (due to lots of squishy, textured insides and foam padding) with its slightly undulating shape would be a wonderful tool for those who struggle with hand strength/grip or finger dexterity yet want to pleasure their lover or themselves.  Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to remove the outer wrap, unscrew the wide cap, and pull or scrape off the foil tab from the air hole by hand before making use of the toy’s ease of grasp.

The reviewer said it felt absolutely fantastic and didn’t make any funny noises when suction was increased  (like some sleeves).  Your imagination will allow you to experience a variety of different ways of enhancement, or watch the video review for positioning ideas. This could include multiple uses during one sitting, but remember that this intended to be a disposable toy.  The design would make it difficult to properly clean for use at another time, but the moderate price makes it affordable for self-indulgence as well as a wonderful gift for that special wanker in your life.  The Tonga Lip Service men’s sex toy  is definitely for the man who values pleasure, as it comes pre-lubed and is sure to enhance your pleasure solo or with your partners!

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