Jun 212010

Sooo Shiny...

Oh my gosh, could the weather be any sweatier?  I shouldn’t ask that, as we’re only into June right now, eh?  With all the humidity it’s been the perfect time for some indoor fun.  Heck, just last week I was teaching a workshop on bondage for pleasure and somehow found myself in a lovely full-body tie, thanks to my delightful workshop participants!  Too much fun!  And this past Friday we had a fabulous time exploring male sex toys at www.Gay.fm, including the Sex In A Can, from FleshLight.  That was definitely one of the most hilarious moments I’ve had with a sex toy!  And it looks like I should be able to share an audio clip with all of you soon, too.  Yay!

Enough chit-chat!  It’s time for my favorite Babeland reviews from the past week:

BabeLube – I’m not the only one who loves this thick, gel.  HotMovies For Her also loves this luscious, slick product!  Hop on over to check out their review.  Lube snobs unite!

Toys for Men – In honor of Fathers’ Day, as well as my recent fun at Gay.fm radio, I’m happy to see Babeland showing some extra love to the guys.  Check out their selection of reviews for men’s toys.  Hurray!

Pure Wand – Oh my goodness! I’m terribly jealous of Kyra after reading her review of the luscious Pure Wand!  By the way, have you been checking out the Mom’s in Babeland blog yet?  If not, head on over and see what they’re up to!

And did you check out my reviews from last week?  Just as importantly – have you entered this month’s fantastic contest yet?! Hop to it so you can enter to win the kink-tastic prize pack from KinkAcademy.com and me!

Go Girl – This great STP (Stand to Pee) device is a convenient, portable way for ladies and transmen to do their business without having to come in contact with questionable bathroom surfaces or engage in precarious squatting positions.

Babelube – Babeland’s aptly named BabeLube is a new, high-quality personal lubricant that avoids chemicals that may be bad for your body (such as glycerine and paraben) and is water-based to be condom and sex toy-safe.

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