Jun 282010

This week, we take a break from some of our more direct intimacy toys to focus on an essential romantic art for couples: massage!  The Jimmyjane Contour Massage Stone is a fantastic, easy-to-use massage accessory that can help you give delicious massages to your partner.

Jimmyjane's Contour Massage Stone M can up your massage-giving game

Jimmyjane’s Contour Massage Stone (M shape for this review) is a beautiful, light-weight porcelain item that can help you give expert massages or add some variety to your massage routine by emulating the delicious hot/cold stone massages you can get at high-end spas.  This cupped-shaped item fits easily in one’s hand to allow for smooth, soothing massage sensations; you can add some variety by either flipping it upside-down to use the dome-shape as a warm-up, or cup the dome in your hand and use the 4 rounded points to get into tense muscles and pressure points.

Because the Contour Massage Stone is made of lightweight ceramic material, you can warm or cool it by putting it in water of the appropriate temperature for a short amount of time.  When warmed, the Massage Stone will give a deliciously relaxing sensation, and when cooled, it will feel invigorating and renewing.  It is also great for combining with massage oils or massage candles to give a really high-end massage experience.

As an additional plus, the Contour Massage Stone M shape is easy to hold in hand, even for people with limited hand mobility.  This could therefore allow those with some hand disabilities to still be able to give loving, romantic massages to their partners (and receive them, too, of course!).

While the Massage Stone we reviewed here is the “M” shape, Jimmyjane’s Contour Massage Stone comes in a variety of shapes, each of which will give its own unique sensations.  Whichever one you choose, giving and receiving massages is a great way to build intimacy with your partner and help each other relax into a romantic evening.

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