Jul 182010

The Lelo Intima Blindfold is a seductive silk accessory to enhance intimacy with partners by introducing a low level of sensual kinkiness to the bedroom.  Find out more about this beautiful blindfold below.

The Intima Blindfold is a sensual way to get a little kinky

The Intima Blindfold is a beautiful silk blindfold with adjustable elastic in the back.  It also has two long sashes that you can use for a delightful bow (or, if you wanted to get a little extra kinky, some comfortable wrist bondage) and presents itself, wrapped in delicate tissue, in a very sophisticated outer box and an equally attractive inner box. The blindfold is a beautiful deep lavender, sensually soft, with its pure silk featuring a subtle brocade pattern that runs down both sashes.

The blindfold can be adjusted from 16 to 22 inches; reviewers found it most comfortable for a small and medium size head, suggesting that those with larger heads may find it a bit snug over the eyes. The elastic back adjusts to a range of medium head sizes and the slim, contoured design is not only comfortable, but seductively attractive.

The gorgeous, sensual Intima Silk Blindfold from Lelo, romantically packaged and designed, will make a wonderful gift and delightful memories!

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