Aug 012010

The Tantus B-Bomb is a moderate but filling anal plug with a removable vibrating bullet.  Its strong vibrations make it an enjoyable toy, and its moderate size with slim tapering make it easy to use but substantial enough that experienced anal aficionados will still find it fun.

B-Bomb Plug is sleek and filling

Don’t let the name scare you: Tantus’s B-Bomb is only a moderate size, with its tapered tip and smooth, high-quality silicone mean that it’s here for your pleasure.  This sleek anal plug comes with a removable vibrating bullet, which means the toy has lost some of its buzz, it should be easy to replace the batteries (which are watch-sized) or the bullet itself.  The B-Bomb packs a nice, solid rumble, making it pleasurable to use.  The slim point of a tip makes it easy to warm yourself up with the toy instead of your fingers, and turning on the vibrations can help your body relax into the sensation.  The B-Bomb is average-sized or slightly above, and would be very filling for most people; if you have a vagina in addition to your anus, a partner penetrating you vaginally while you are using the B-Bomb would certainly be able to feel its vibrations, as well.

The B-Bomb may be a bit too large for newbies to anal play, or for those who aren’t feeling warmed up during a particular session.  That said, however, the nice tapering of its tip means that a beginner could use the toy to warm up by only playing with a short length of it, rather than trying to fit the whole toy in at once.  Of course, since it’s a plug, the B-Bomb isn’t meant for heavy thrusting sort of play; instead, it should be inserted and left in while the user engages in other sexy times (or something completely unrelated, if that’s your thing!).

Overall, the B-Bomb is a high-quality silicone anal plug that should be filling and enjoyable for most users.  Its slim tapering makes it easy to insert and warm up with, and its strong vibrations make it a pleasurable toy to leave in during sexy play.

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