Aug 012010

JimmyJane’s Form 2 may look like an innocent little bunny, but this small vibrator packs a lot of power.  Even better, each of the “ears” vibrates separately, allowing it to provide a plethora of intriguing and enjoyable sensations.

  • Toy:  Form 2 (sent by for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable, cordless, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: JimmyJane
  • Material: Silicone, stainless steal vibrating portion
  • Price: $135
  • SMT rating: N/A since it is an outtie-only vibrator, but it is quite strong (approximately equivalent to a 1 on the SMT scale if it were an innie)

This rabbit-shaped toy will please you from multiple angles

The Form 2 is an extremely powerful, delightful, outtie vibrator that is waterproof and easily rechargeable in its own power cup. One of the many unique features of this most desirable vibe is the position and use of the controls, which allow you to go through the different power levels separately from the modes of vibration, offering you exactly the combination of stimulation types needed.  The unit has a lock button for travel, to avoid embarrassing situations with airport security and vibrating luggage. It is also incredibly quiet for the strength of vibration.

There are two separate vibrators in the “bunny ears” design that are not synchronized, giving a wonderful and unique stroking feeling to the sensation. The vibration pattern settings include a solid full-unit buzz, alternating vibrations, pulsating vibes and more. The unit charge lasts for an unknown, very long, powerful time, since it outlasted the testers.  The testers also did not run into any problems with the unit function during use and unanimously reported having a great time and experiencing much joy using this toy.

The beautiful design, the comfortable, washable silicone covering, the rechargeability, the ease in using controls, the ability to use it with a partner and the extraordinary strength of vibration make this an outstanding product. JimmyJane promised to revolutionize sex toys by focusing on presenting a few each year with highest quality standards and it shows in the magnificent Form 2 model.   This is an amazingly powerful and pleasing outtie vibrator with gorgeous design and truly impressive functionality. Highly recommended!

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