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Fun Factory continues to offer fun, high-quality toys that are perfect for beginners, but strong and appealing enough for all sorts.  The rabbit-style Flash Vibe is an innie/outtie combination silicone toy that is on the smaller side, making it an excellent choice for a travel vibrator or a first toy.  Despite its size, it has a decent vibration strength, and its dual nature makes it a versatile toy that can be used alone or with a partner.

  • Toy:  Flash Vibe (sent by for review)
  • Type: Rechargeable, innie/outtie, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: $79
  • SMT rating: 1

Fun Factory's Flash Vibe can fulfill your needs, inside and out

The Fun Factory Flash Vibe is a sleek, attractive innie/outtie combination vibrator that not only would be a great toy for vibrator beginners, but also for experienced vibrator connoisseurs looking for a nice portable toy.  Since it’s by Fun Factory, the Flash is made with high-quality silicone, and is pleasing to the eye and touch, in a nice friendly color and shape that keep it from being intimidating.  It recharges uses an easy-to-attach “click” plug that magnetically attaches itself to the toy, and the Flash signals when it is done charging with a blinking light.

The Flash has a nice, rumbly vibration that should be pleasing without being overwhelming.  Due to its smaller size, the Flash Vibe is a good toy for use with partners, and a good on-the-go portable toy to pack on vacations or business trips.  Its dual innie/outtie nature makes it a versatile toy that can be used vaginally, anally, or clitorally, or some combinations of the three.  The click-to-charge magnets not only make it a good waterproof toy for underwater use, they also make it easier for those without fine motor control to attach the recharging plug.

The “reach” of the clitoral branch of the toy may be a bit short, which could be good or bad, depending on one’s preferences and genital structure.  The toy may be too petite for those with tastes for big toys, but beginners or people on the go might find this to be a positive instead.

Overall, the Flash Vibe is a great rabbit-style innie/outtie vibe, whose smaller size but decent strength make it a good buy for beginners and experienced toy users alike.

  2 Responses to “Fun Factory Flash Vibe Gives Pleasure Inside and Out”

  1. Looks interesting. I’m a big fan of Fun Factory and might have to give this one a shot!

  2. Yay! It’s a great choice for folks who like a petite vibe.

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