Aug 082010

It seems like a simple idea, but it can be difficult to find a good insertable toy that is flexible enough to be “posed” how one wants it, but firm enough that it can actually be used for serious intimate play.  Mr. Bendy to the rescue!  This adorable, friendly-looking toy from Vibratex is just what you need when you want a toy you can mold to your desires.

  • Toy:  Mr. Bendy (sent by for review)
  • Type: Dildo, packy, flexible, poseable
  • Manufacturer: Vibratex
  • Material: Elastomer
  • Price: $65
  • SMT rating: N/A

The friendly Mr. Bendy will adapt to your needs

Toy-makers are starting to catch on that I can’t resist toys with friendly smiley faces!  Today, we have Mr. Bendy by Vibratex, who sports an endearing happy face right on his frenulum area.  This, however, is not Mr. Bendy’s main feature, nor is it the attractive blue or pink colors that he comes in.
As you might guess, Mr. Bendy’s real claim to fame is his flexibility.  This toy–which is comfortably squishy, but firm enough for insertion purposes–has a wire frame inside, meaning that you can bend it to your desired position and then it should hold that shape.  So you can bend and twist Mr. Bendy so that he gets just the right spot on you or your partner.  Additionally, female-to-male transpeople or others who make use of “packies” can bend him to fit in their pants if they want to give themselves impressive bulges.  Additionally, the flared base on Mr. Bendy makes him compatible with strap-on harnesses or for anal play; the squishy feeling of his elastomer material may make this base more comfortable in a strap-on harness than many other harness-compatible toys.
Although Mr. Bendy’s elastomer is not as bad as many flexible materials we’ve tested, his squishy covering can still manage to attract stray hairs at times, particularly if you are a pet owner.  And, in his blue form, Mr. Bendy’s material can seem to gain a “dusty” looking appearance over time.  Some reviewers have reported that, while Mr. Bendy’s wire frame is fairly good at retaining its shape, it can wear out of over prolonged rough play.  It hasn’t had a wire poke through the toy’s material or anything similarly dangerous, but has lost its shape during longer play sessions.
Overall, if you are looking for a more flexible, comfortable alternative to the firmer toys that many manufacturers make, or want a pants package that is sure to draw some stares and can also be used for intimate play, Mr. Bendy will be happy to please you, smiling all the while.

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