Aug 082010

Sliquid is back again to prove that just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it can’t be spicy and exciting!  Their vegan, organic, all-natural Stimulating O Gel is free of paraben, glycerine, and gluten, to make sure it doesn’t introduce anything your body won’t like while still giving you the zing you want.

  • Toy:  Organic Stimulating O Gel (sent by for review)
  • Type: Stimulation gel, organic, paraben-free, glycerine-free, gluten-free
  • Manufacturer: Sliquid
  • Material: Water-based, peppermint and menthol, natural oils
  • Price: $19
  • SMT rating: N/A

Sliquid's all-natural Stimulating O Gel is effective but not overwhelming

Sliquid is a manufacturer that consistently makes intimate lubricants that are body-safe.  Their Stimulating O Gel is no exception; this clitoral stimulation gel is organic and made entirely from natural products (it’s vegan!) to ensure that it doesn’t cause any infections or other problems with our sensitive genital regions.  This means that it is paraben and glycerine free, as well as gluten-free.  The clear gel has a light minty smell that is quite pleasant.

The minty ingredients give Sliquid’s O Gel a mild tingly sensation when applied to the clitoral and vulvar regions.  As always, we recommend that you start small when applying a stimulator gel; it’s better to want more and have to go back for seconds than to feel overwhelmed and have to wait for it to wear off!  Sliquid’s O Gel is actually quite a bit milder than many other menthol-based stimulator gels on the market, meaning that there’s less of a danger of starting too heavy with it.  Its subtler build-up means it is easier to warm up with than some of its non-organic competitors.  The O Gel makes a great intimacy accessory for women with performance anxiety, or who are taking medication or have other medical issues that make it difficult to get aroused, feel stimulation, or orgasm.

An important safety note is that the use of O Gel, or any other stimulator gel, is not recommended if the recipient has been recently treated for cancer.  Additionally, anyone that is allergic or sensitive to menthol or peppermint should likewise avoid this product.  Finally, since it has many oils in its ingredients list, Sliquid’s O Gel is not latex condom safe.

Sliquid’s O Gel is a great body-safe addition to your bedside table to add just a little bit of spicy feeling to intimate play with yourself or your partner.  Since it is subtler than many other stimulator gels, it is particularly recommended as a good starting point because it is harder to overwhelm yourself with too much at once.

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  1. I love this product. It gives just the right amount of buzz without feeling weird. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a solid 8.

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