Aug 272010

Fair and Feminist is hosting a powerful Blog Carnival for Young Feminists today!  I’m chipping in with my thoughts on sex-positive feminism (the short version).  It’s so important for people of all genders to continue to question, critique and work toward a context in which we can all say YES to pleasure, intimacy and sexual well-being.  Ah yes, and my pup barks his greetings from the background!

  2 Responses to “A few thoughts from Dr. Ruthie on sex-positive feminism (video)”

  1. Dr. Ruthie, you are so eloquent! I love your site and reviews. Your message here expresses many things I feel but have had trouble putting words to. Thanks for being an inspiration and a source of information! Your work is so important.

  2. Aww, thank you, Kate! You’ve made my day!

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