Aug 272010

I’ve been reviewing away this week, with a new review to be posted soon on a fun, rechargeable and powerful wand vibrator and it seems like the perfect time to do something a little different!  In this video I compare and contrast two newer wand vibrators (one battery powered, one rechargeable) with the original Hitachi Magic Wand.  Strength, sound, and power are all discussed so check it out!

In spite of the pros and cons of each, and the newbies do have some very good attributes, I suspect most Hitachi owners will tell you that they’ll never throw away their first (and strongest) love. And who said we have to own just one type of wand?

  4 Responses to “Dr. Ruthie Compares Vibrating Wands (Video)”

  1. The Mystic Wand is actually powered by four, not two AA batteries. :) I’m sure you already know that, but just to let anyone else know who might be watching and sizing them up!

  2. Whoops! Thanks for the update!

  3. Thank you for doing this comparison. I’ve been thinking about trying a wand style vibe and this was useful!

  4. Thanks os much, Michele! I’m glad this was useful.

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