Sep 032010

I am so incredibly thrilled to announce my brand new series of educational YouTube videos!  It was an ordinary weekday afternoon, right after lunch, when I spoke with and we agreed that folks could really benefit from a range a short, approachable, easy to understand educational videos on the basics of sex & intimacy.  So, whether you’ve got a hankering for news, how-tos and reviews on the latest toys and goodies or you’re looking for straight-up education on a variety of topics, I’ve got you covered!   I will be releasing two educational videos per week that you can enjoy here, over at, and on both of our YouTube channels.  Yay!

My first two videos are part of a short series on picking out and using the right lube for you.  I’ll be tossing ’em up in the next post so don’t stray too far!  Future videos will feature g-spot and prostate goodness, flirting and communication tips, and much more.  Got an idea for something you’d like me to cover?  Be sure to comment below and let me know!

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