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While I’ve seen a lot of great men’s masturbation toys, it’s become clear that, largely, they fall into two categories: full-penis-length stroking sleeves meant to enhance the usual jacking-off motions, or anal toys meant for prostate stimulation.  That’s why the arrival of the Cobra Libre, Fun Factory’s new vibrating men’s toy meant for relaxing, luxuriating stimulation to the glans (the penis head) was extra exciting for me.  Did it live up to my expectations? Find out below!

  • Toy:  Cobra Libre (sent by for review)
  • Type: Men’s toy, vibrating masturbation sleeve, rechargeable
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Plastic body, silicone sleeve
  • Price: $139
  • SMT rating: N/A

This little race car encourages you to lay back and enjoy the ride

The Cobra Libre has a hard plastic body with a soft stretchy silicone sleeve that is designed to resemble to a race car.  The insertion end has a 2 1/2 inch length for comfortably inserting the end of the penis ranging from 1 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter.

The Cobra Libre was really popular with our reviewers. The easy-to-use control buttons are embedded along the top of the rechargeable vibrator, which should run for an hour and a half on high, and last even longer on a lower speed, offering plenty of time for stimulation. Unlike the most male masturbation toys with stroking motion sleeves, this attractive vibration action toy is meant to sit on the end of your penis, stimulating the most sensitive parts all around the head and tip areas, and does the work for you. Awesome! It is so quiet that you can’t hear it in use.  Using a water based lubricant, exploring with a gentle rocking motion, adding a bit of pressure or trying various positions inside the sleeve offers satisfying ways to kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the brand new vibration sensation.

For people who are sensitive to the stroking sensation, the vibrating motion can be a wonderful choice. Sex toys are often recommended by outreach and treatment programs for helping men with identifying  their own body signals, so they can have a better understanding of themselves and what they can offer their partner.  This is also a great unit for folks in the disability community, having a big grip for easy handling.

The Cobra Libre unique, the easy to wash, vibrating men’s masturbation toy offering a delightful departure from the standard stroking toy by vibrating the top and end of his penis all by itself.  This new toy gets a thumbs-up from us, and we are excited to see men’s masturbation toys exploring new directions.

  5 Responses to “Cobra Libre Takes You for a Ride”

  1. SO glad you reviewed this! I’ve been eying it since it came out but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how the heck it works!

  2. Dr.Ruthie,

    I’m drooling over this toy! I really want to orgasm without touching my penis and I’ve been waiting for a penile vibrator. I just have one important concern before buying this toy.

    I had a pocket pussy and a masturbation sleeve a while back. Both toys really hurt my penis. Why you ask? There was a small amount of space between the end of the toy and my urethra, causing pain when ejaculating. There was barely any room for my semen to shoot out and most of it was sent back into my bladder…Ouch!!

    In my opinion, the Cobra-Libre should have an extra chamber where the sperm can shoot out and be collected in a cum-cup. It looks like there isn’t one and I’m worried that the Cobra-Libre bring back this terrifying pain.

    Please let me know. I’m longing to buy this toy!!!

  3. I’m so curious about this one – thanks for the review!

  4. Hi Josh! I spoke with my tester about this at length and also took another close look at the toy. The inside is undulated, for lack of a better word, 2 or 3 times. The result is a small area at the tip that is unlikely to be large enough to fit a penis – so I assume it’s made especially to make room for ejaculate. Furthermore, my nearly-exactly-statistically-average-sized tester said that the toy was snug but not air tight. He felt that you would not run into the same problem with too much suction and too little room for ejaculate, due both to a little bit of space at the sides of the toy and the extra compartment I mentioned at the tip. He certainly identified with your past negative experiences though, and felt that this would be a good one for you to try. I tried to use a bright light inside the toy so I could photograph the inside, but unfortunately none of the pics worked out.

  5. Thanks, Kate! I’m so glad that the review was helpful.

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